Glór - Voice of the People

The Glór Alliance is a new initiative. 

It is an Alliance of the people, through which our voice will be heard.  Glór is an organisation united on fundamental principles and working for the empowerment of the people, locally and nationally. 

We ask people to come together without regard to ideology, social class, race, creed, gender or any other differences; to unite on what is our common interest, that the people should be deciding the policy of our state.

Our democratic process is hijacked by powerful vested interests, at home and abroad, and essentially, the people have no say in the running of our country.

In Ireland, we are a people who are ruled over, rather than ruling ourselves.

With a clear vision for the future, and by being organised, we can have a bright future.

In the coming weeks we will publish more detailed analysis of what is happening in Ireland and internationally.