Glór - Voice of the People

Government Lied about Referendum


by ‘Glór – Voice of the People’
(aka the Glór Alliance)

The Glór Alliance is calling on Government to apologise to the citizens and then to resign.

The leaking (at the final hour) of the Attorney General’s advice to Ministers on the wording of the recent two referenda showed clearly that there was an issue with the wording, in particular with the phrases “durable relationship” and “strive”.

Given the assurances made throughout the campaign that there were no issues, we must now conclude that, collectively, the Government lied to the people.

That alone demands that an apology be issued, but it also demands that the entire Government resigns, each Minister shares collective responsibility for this lie.

Thankfully, the people have seen through the lie and rejected the proposals.

The Glór Alliance is now calling on people to reject those Party representatives in the coming local and European elections, and for individuals to consider putting their own names forward as candidates, either independently or as part of an Alliance which is committed to demeocracy and proper representation of the people.





Diarmaid Ó Cadhla
Secretary & Spokesperson
Mobile 086-3805005
Glór, 11th March 2024